NEPG 2020 Awards

Oral Presentation Prizes

1st Prize – (Cambioscience online course & £35 Love2Shop voucher)

Jessica McNeil – Investigating the role of the clathrin light chain in vivo

Joint 2nd Prize – (£30 Love2Shop voucher)

Isla Dougall – Social Class and Wellbeing in Higher Education; Stuart Maitland – Is muscle weakness getting on your nerves? Reticulospinal contributions to Sarcopenia; Hannah Paish – Development of a novel human precision-cut slice model to study cardiac fibrosis

Low Data Prize: (£25 Love2Shop voucher)

Siobhán Gillespie – Exploring the challenges and successes associated with implementing and embedding Kangaroo Mother Care in selected diverse facilities in Bangladesh, South Africa and the UK

Poster Presentation Prizes

1st Prize – (Cambioscience online course & £30 Love2Shop voucher)

Jessica Baggley – PHS12: You are navigating the ocean alone in a reed boat with no map or oars.’ Parental experiences of accessing primary care referral for their infants with Cerebral Palsy.

2nd Prize: (£25 Love2Shop voucher)

Emma Jennings – IM01: Rationally Designed Oncolytic Reovirus-based Immunotherapy for Hepatocellular Carcinoma

3rd Prize: (£20 Love2Shop voucher)

Jessica Saville – CAN10: Environmental exposures influence chromosomal translocation events involved in childhood leukaemia

Low Data Prize: (£20 Love2Shop voucher)

Hayden Bell – CAN16: Preclinical investigation of the p53-MDM2 antagonist idasanutlin demonstrates significant activity in high-risk adult acute lymphoblastic leukaemia

People’s Choice Prize: (£50 Science On A Postcard voucher)

Maria Georgiou – G02: Protein aggregation in retinal cells of patients with retinitis pigmentosa